Why Are Dash Cams So Popular These Days?

Dash cams are one of the hottest bits of technology not only in the automotive scene, but on the most popular bits of tech currently period. Dashboard cameras have been used by most car users in Russia now for years, but have only just started just hitting the ground running in other countries these past few years. Car stores that sell these recorder devices have noted that they’ve seen dramatic increases in sales at Christmas time the past few years.

They vary heavily in price as you can go out and purchase a cheap one starting at £5, or you can spend anywhere up to £300 for one. Generally with dash cams the way it goes is that the more you spend on one the better the quality it usually is, however, like any marketplace out there, there are plenty of poor quality models for the price. If you’re unsure as to which model to choose for your car, then we would advise you to check out these in car camera reviews. Nextbase is rated pretty highly on the uk dashboard cam scene, with a massive range of models you can purchase.

There’s lots of different features you can get as standard that are attractive when consider one. You can get cameras that have built-in speed camera databases, so you are well alerted of any upcoming ones on your journey. Another feature that is present in most models is GPS. The GPS that you get in these recorders is different from a standard car GPS, as it does not provide trip directions, but simply provides coordinates of where you were during playback of a recording. This is very handy for referring to an incident where you may need details of the exact location.

Just make sure to purchase the right dash cam for you and your needs!